At Black Market Provisions we pride ourselves on food that’s Good…To Go!

Here, you’ll find homemade food, that’s ready to eat, truly tasty, and made with quality ingredients. We make our food with you in mind, no matter who or what you are!

Whether you’re coming in to grab a quick snack, lunch on the go, mid-afternoon pick-me-up or easy dinner for your fam, we’ve got you covered!

Our little shop also stocks a well curated collection of interesting food products and other cute and rad goods for all your gift giving needs (whether gifting to someone else, or yourself!) We source our goods locally, within Canada and internationally, and will only sell items that we would truly buy ourselves.



Hey Pals!

We are sometimes also known as the “Pop Cart Girls” and we live for that title! We started Pop Cart in the summer of 2015 as what we thought we be a fun, part-time hobby business, and boy were we wrong (in all the right ways!) After a few years of slingin’ all the pops, we decided to foray our love for frozen treats into Ice Cream, and brought Black Market Ice Cream into the world. We love the relationships we have with our customers, and we always hated that our businesses were so seasonal, so we decided to make this a full time gig and Black Market Provisions was born!

We love nothing more than seeing the smile that comes to your face the first time you taste one of our frozen treats, and we hope that you will enjoy our new offerings just as much!

It is not lost on us that when you plunk down a pile of Pop Cart pops or a pint of our ice cream amongst family and friends that you're doing so with the intention of experiencing shared joy, celebration, and satisfaction - and that's a pretty big deal to us! We aim to make enjoyable food and tasty treats that add a dash of delish to your lives, and we couldn’t be more honoured to do so!

Ange & Alana



When A&A wanted to start sharing their ice cream, the only way they could sell it was out of their Pop Cart carts, so they secretly started offering it by letting just a few people know it was available.  There were no menus, no signs, and no social media for the first while, and only those that were in the know got to taste the first few flavours that were offered....the ice cream was only available 'on the black market' so to speak, and the name….just….stuck!