The First 6 Months

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On September 21st, we celebrated our 1/2 birthday!

We really can’t believe how fast 6 months has flown by! When we got the keys to the space in July last year, we thought for sure we would be open by Halloween. Then by Christmas. Then for sure by February. But, things just don’t always work out the way they are “for sure” supposed to, and now over six months after we opened on March 21st we wouldn’t change a thing about when we opened. The first six months have felt like they have gone so quickly, but at the same time we feel like we’ve been at this forever. We’ve really known for years that this is what we were meant to be doing, and now that it is real it just feels so right! We went through spring and summer with so much love and support from the neighbourhood, our Pop Cart customers and our community, and the panic and stress of opening has now just faded away.

For those that are thinking about opening a storefront or really any type of small business, the struggle is VERY real, we can’t stress enough how hard it is and props to our fellow entrepreneurs out there. We often compare opening the shop to having our first baby - we didn’t sleep or eat for months, it constantly needs our attention and love, and even though its horrible and hard and incredibly demanding, you just love it so much and are so proud that it’s yours. We’re happy to answer questions or provide recommendations if you’re starting something up, we had lots of help from incredible established entrepreneurs along the way, and their input was invaluable to us (here’s looking at you, Ashley, Vanessa, Helene and Danica!).

Alana’s fave thing to say about business is a quote from her fave ice cream buddy, Jeni Britton Bauer:

You can do anything you want so long as you have brains, brawn and buddies!

It really is true. Hard work, resources and a little luck will get you there!

So now we’re into our second half of our first year and can’t wait to see what it will bring. We’ve got lots of fun things planned, and we really look forward to celebrating our first birthday with you in the spring!

Thanks for all the love + support!

Ange + Alana